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Barware Essentials You Need at Home

Barware Essentials You Need at Home

Cocktail parties with family and friends outside home can be fun, but several drinks can have an unwanted effect on your wallet. If you want a nice weekend getaway, sometimes it's nice to pay for someone and make a drink for both but at times one should treat themselves at home as well. This is made easy by building a home-bar arsenal and spend those happy hours with fancy wines and organic rum.

If you get a few bar essentials like wine glasses for sale then they'll cost significantly less than those tempting nightly happy hours. Moreover, once you’ve mastered the bar tools and other bar essentials, ingredients and techniques, all your colleagues, near and dear ones, will give up on the crowded bars and visit your place.

It's time to kick those plastic solo cups to the curb and stock some essential glasses and tools to enjoy just any drink at home.


Having the right glassware is a must for bars and so, you must invest in the right kind of drinking glasses . After all, you won't drink beer in a fancy cocktail glass, right? So, you must get some beer mugs, wine glasses, whiskey glasses, goblets, tequila shot glasses, etc. Among these, you must invest in:

Coupe Glasses

Oh, you like Margaritas, Manhattans, and Champagne? To get that high-class taste, you needn't purchase those separate cocktail glasses and champagne flutes. The coupe glass, also called as Champagne coupe are characterized for 6 to 8 fl. Oz. You simply need to strain the drink in the glass so that the liquid rests below the rim. You can replace martini glasses with coupe glasses if wanted.

Rock Glasses

Rock glasses are perfect for muddling and mixing drinks. To get the best output use 6 to 8 fl. Oz for mixing drinks.


A cocktail shaker is the pinnacle of barware and for those authentic ‘bartender feel’, you should invest in a cocktail shaker.
The 2-piece bodied cocktail shakers are called Boston shaker and come without a strainer. There is just a bigger and smaller glass and the liquid once mixed needs to be strained before serve.
The 3-piece cocktail shaker is called the cobbler shaker and contains two glasses and a strainer. For a smooth drink, invest in them.


One thing that you must invest in for a bar is the bar spoon. It's quite different from the regular spoons and using regular ones for the stirring procedure can damage the delicate bar glasses.
Also, regular spoons have wider mouths that can hamper the consistency of a drink. In contrast the long handle along and smaller head of the bar spoons, help create a circular motion around the mixing glass.


An ice-bucket, also called the wine cooler is a must-have if you wish to throw parties in your backyards or terrace. A handy wine cooler will prevent drinks from getting too warm.
Though they come in wide varieties, picking up stainless steel ice buckets can be a good idea as they prevent the ice from melting too fast.


With summer approaching, cocktail season is knocking at the door. Many cocktails like pineapple mojito, Strawberry Berryoska, Pina colada, and more, use tropical fruits.
A hand muddler can help in crushing or mixing these fruits. A wooden muddler can be pressed as hard as you want to extract juices.

Final Takeaway

Thus, invest now, and visit Sol Le Luna to order your bar essentials like beer glasses for sale right away.
Well, now that you know all the home bar essentials that are needed for a fun party, that’s a wrap!

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