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5 Unique Smart Home Gadgets You Must Have In 2022

5 Unique Smart Home Gadgets You Must Have In 2022

The world is moving forward day by day to reach new heights in the field of technology. Today, smart home devices are quickly becoming an essential product category, especially for tech enthusiasts. After all, these devices allow us to control the different aspects of our house while sitting in one corner of the room. Now, when it comes to smart gadgets, there's no scarcity, from sculptural lights/lamps to speakers, diffusers, clocks, and more. These gadgets also make a great gift for a friend who is tech enthu or wishes to revamp their home into a smart home. Here are our best picks of smart home gadgets to get you started.

Smart Home Gadgets To Own in 2022: 

Dragonflight Balance Light

One truly unique and smart home gadget you must add to your home is the Dragonflight balance light. It is a product that brings you both art forms and functions. You can incorporate this light as a sculptural piece of art to advance your home interiors and also use it as a lamp for your home. The lightweight lamp has LED lights hidden under the wings and has simple touch controls to change the light brightness settings. It also has a USB charging port with a charge time of 3-4 hours.

Flameless Element Lighter

Gone are the days when you used to use a basic lighter. Now, it's time for you to add smart lighters to your utility rack. Enhance your lighter experience to the next level with a smart in, technology-built and is just not an average lighter. The lighter has a flameless heated metal ring that burns to a high temperature, and after a few seconds, it automatically turns it off. It also comes with an in-built charging port. The lighter is quite compact and boasts a natural walnut wood cigar shape tube. It is an exceptionally perfect and stylish gift to let them enjoy a new lighter experience.

Portable Alarm Clock Desk Light

With technological advancement, we have recently seen the rise of multifunctional smart products. The portable alarm clock desk light is also one smart design multipurpose product that combines the functionality of an alarm clock and light into one compact sculptural piece. This touch-activated smart clock has an LED light with a lifespan of about 50,000 hours and is made using 100% sustainable natural walnut wood. In addition, the smart device comes with robust battery life and four brightness levels for your everyday use.

Smart Diffuser Lamp

You all have diffusers at your home. But what if we told you that there's a chance you can use an extraordinary diffuser lamp? This smart diffuser lamp has a unique design that helps you relax while spreading your choice's beautiful fragrance and subtle light around. The diffuser is crafted using 100% natural, sustainable wood and acrylic glass that is comfortable to touch. The diffuser lamp fills your room with your favorite scent and warm ambient light to let you relish a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Smart Bluetooth Speakers

You might already have Bluetooth speakers at your home, but these selfie Bluetooth is not any average portable selfie speaker. Crafted using 100% natural walnut wood, the smart Bluetooth speakers play your favorite tunes and feature a hand-free selfie function that lets you capture pictures anytime, anywhere. The speakers boast a battery life of up to 10 hours and are also rechargeable through a USB cable. It is a stylish multipurpose speaker that has all the features to be your partner at home or anywhere. 


This article is about the best smart home gadgets to start your smart home project. If you wish to purchase these smart products, visit the Sol le Luna website. Its new collection will feature a wide range of smart home gadgets. Choose what suits your home environment the best!
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