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Different Types of Drink Glasses Every Home Bar Needs

Different Types of Drink Glasses Every Home Bar Needs

You may have noticed that a bar features an array of glassware and each style is specific to a different use. For example, you will find many different sizes of cocktail glasses. That's because every drink needs a dedicated glassware design, be it wine, beer, or champagne. Like if you really wish to enjoy your drinks to the fullest, you must have all the required drinking glasses in your home bar setup. We are not just talking about white wine glasses but also about the other varieties too. After all, each premium liquor has a particular type of glassware that enhances every drink's properties. Let's discuss in detail the different types of bar glassware you must have.. 

Types Of Drink Glasses For Every Home Bar: 

Flute Glasses For Champagne 

Flute glasses are thin and tall glasses that come with a tapered rim. These glasses come with a specific design and shape to keep the champagne bubbles in the glass for longer. Generally, flute glasses can hold around 7-11 ounces of liquid easily. One of the best things about flute glasses is that they are an ideal option for showcasing beautiful garnishing on the drink. In addition, the fizzy fountains that come with champagne look splendid in a flute glass. This is one perfect glass to enjoy champagne or champagne cocktails. 

Rock Whiskey Glasses 

Rock whiskey glasses feature a certain design to serve whiskey. The design and shape of the glass bring out the most appealing and complex flavors for which whiskeys are generally known. Although these glasses have now incorporated themselves as juice glass, their main purpose remains the same. Whiskey glasses have retained the look of lowball glasses, which is important to show the aroma and color of the whiskey. But the mouth of the glass is tapered in order to decrease the size. Therefore drinking whiskey with these glasses becomes more comfortable. 

Multi-Purpose Round Tumblr Glasses 

A multipurpose round Tumblr glass is popular because of its potential to adjust different types of drinks. These glasses are mostly used at home bars or restaurants to serve any kind of drink without specifications. They are glass and clear and are also the most common type of drinking glass available in the market today. These casual multipurpose Tumblr glasses lack stem and are ideal for everyday use. You can serve beverages, wines, whiskeys, or any other drink in remarkable style in these glasses. So, they are surely a must for every home bar setup. 

White Wine Glass 

The discussion of wine glasses has always been a difficult one. That's because they come in different shapes and styles to showcase a particular style of wine. So, when we talk about white wine glasses, they are taller and have a narrower bowl with a more open space at the rim. One more specification about wine glasses is that they have a smaller mouth area to aerate so that the wine does not oxidize quickly. This helps in retaining the lighter taste white wines generally have. So, if you are white wine fan, don't miss out on these specific white wine glasses. 

Red Wine Glasses 

When we talk of glassware, especially for red wines, you will find them with a larger and rounder bowl. The larger round area in the glass helps individuals swag the wine easily and help aerate it. The burgundy wine glasses are shaped specifically to enhance the aroma and flavor of all types of aromatic red wines. In addition to that, red wine glasses also have a long stem to prevent the hand holding the glass from touching the base of the bowl. This helps in insulating the wine from the heart of your hand. The insulation increases the appealing taste of red wine in great ways. 

Highball Longdrink Glasses 

A highball is another important glass that should be there in your home bar setup. It is generally a large and tall glass but with a wider design. It is usually used to serve drinks that need a tower of ice or other ingredients. All these drinks have a more substantial non-alcoholic portion. These glasses are perfect for every occasion for enjoying long drinks, mixed drinks, or various non-alcoholic mocktails and beverages. You can serve a few tall cocktails in highball long drink glasses: mojito, gins, bloody mary, and more. 


So, those are the different types of drinking glasses that you must have in your home bar setup. And why not, when these glasses can greatly enhance your drinking experience. If you wish to purchase premium glassware sets for your home bar, Sol le Luna is the ideal place. Here you will find a wide selection of top-quality champagne, wine, and whiskey glasses and other glassware products at the best prices. Check out the whole collection today!!
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