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White Wine Glasses: All You Need To Know

White Wine Glasses: All You Need To Know

Wines cannot go without the right wine glasses, and we all would agree on this particular point. After all, it's the glasses that lets you enjoy your fancy vines in a specific way. Talking of wine glasses, we all know the most popular types of wine glasses are red wine glasses and white wine glasses. Unlike red wine glasses that specifically need a large surface area to release aromatics, white wine ones do not require such specifications.

So, let's further discuss in detail about the glasses that are focused specifically on white wines. 

Which Glass Suitable For White Vines? 

In literal words, any glass designed for white wine works pretty well to serve your favorite white wines. But a regular or crystal wine glass works great, no matter if it is stemmed or stemless. However, it is said that white wine is best served cold. So it is best to serve it in stemmed glasses to keep the hand away from warming the wine. In addition to that, for serving white wines, your glasses do not require as much space to breathe, so a smaller glass is perfect for keeping the subtle aromas intact into them. You will also find out that the glasses for white wines have shorter bowls too. 

What Is The Correct Shape For A White Wine Glass? 

For choosing the right wine ware for white wines, you must understand that white wines require a different glass than red wine glasses. When it comes to shape, white wines demand a narrower bowl and wide brim. This specific shape help aromas get directed towards the drinker's nose, making it a more pleasurable drinking experience. The correct shape of white wine glasses is a U shape with a relatively smaller bowl but slightly larger than the flute. 

Things To Look Out for When Choosing Glasses For White Wines 

As we mentioned before, glasses of white wine do not demand nuisances like red wine glasses. But if you are going on a shopping spree as the offer of wine glasses for sale is going on, you need to understand a few things. As a general rule, when it comes to serving white wines, choose glasses with a narrower bowl. That's because a smaller bowl size helps in preserving the fruity flavors of the wine intact by keeping it at an optimal temperature. It's the main reason why you will find glasses of white wines in a unique tulip shape. 

So, when it comes to choosing glasses specifically for serving white wines, you should choose the ones with a small bowl. That's because the small shape of the glass lets the drinker experience the full breadth of the acidic qualities of white wine. Some special white wines actually taste best when served in traditional white wine stemmed glasses. Additionally, you must also know that there are some white wines that are highly aromatic. And thus require a wider rim and rounder bowled glass. Our best bet would be going for Spiegelau-style glasses that have a special shape for serving white wines. 


Most of the people think it doesn't matter to choose the correct wine glasses to serve flavored wines. However, choosing the right wine glasses help in enhancing the drinking experience and makes it more pleasurable without any hassles. So, now you know everything about wine glasses for white wines thus choose accordingly. If you wish to purchase the best wine ware, then Sol le Luna is the ultimate choice. We provide you myriad of wine glasses and drinkware collections from reputable brands at great prices. Check out the whole range today!

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