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We provide size details of the products we list. Please use this information under product description to understand our sizes and select accordingly as applicable.
Visit our web store @, browse through our catalogues and click on the "add to cart" or "buy now" button beneath the items that you wish to purchase.
No. You can still place an order without an account. Please note having an account helps you track your order and qualifies you for exclusive promotions. However, we encourage you to create an account with us to make your online shopping a smooth and faster process, saving you time with future orders.
While browsing through our web store, the "trolley sign" on the top right-side of your screen will have a number circled showing you how many items you have added to your shopping cart. Simply click this "trolley sign" and/ or "view cart" to see which items you have selected.
To remove items from your cart, simply click the "X" sign next to the item(s) you intend to remove and click "update cart". You may also change the quantity of items to "0" (zero) by typing the number "0" in the box provided and click "update cart" remove the item from your shopping cart.
To see a list of products including their quantities in your shopping cart, click on the "trolley sign" on the top right-side of your screen and click "view cart". Change the quantity of the item by clicking "+"or "-" sign. You can also click quantity field and type the number "0" and click "update cart" to update.
To remove items from your shopping cart, click on "view cart", remove each item by clicking “X” next to each item in your shopping cart and then click on "update cart".
Yes, only if you plan to pay via bank transfer or other allowable non-card payment methods. It is against our policy to withhold any customer card details.

Making payment

We accept VISA and MasterCard debit/ credit cards (subject to authorisation). We also accept electronic fund transfer (EFT) or bank transfer and E-wallet. Cash on Delivery is accepted only with prior permission by our store personnel. In case of bank transfer, please email proof of payment to
For all online card payments, Direct Pay Online (DPO) collects payments on behalf of Sol le Luna Closet. To pay for your order using your debit or credit card, select DPO payment method during checkout and click “Complete order”, you will be redirected from our web store to Direct Pay Online site to Process your payment securely. Fill in your card details and complete payment. Once payment is completed, you will redirected from DPO site to Sol le Luna web store. For more information on DPO payment gateway, please visit
Once your payment has been processed through DPO, you will immediately receive two email notifications; one directly from DPO confirming your payment, and the second directly from Sol le Luna Closet confirming your order details.
Yes, as long as the subject web-store is safe and secured enough to protect your card details. Our store is hosted by Shopify, a secure e-commerce platform. We are PCI-DSS Level 1 certified. We do not store your credit or debit card information in our store. To read more about PCI-DSS, please visit
We do not charge VAT as we are currently not registered for VAT. It is illegal to charge customers VAT when a business is not registered for VAT. For more information on VAT guidelines, please

Once you have completed selecting the items you wish to buy, and added them to your shopping cart, simply click on the "trolley sign" on the top right-side of your screen and click "check out". Review your order, then select your preferred delivery and payment methods from the lists available, enter your billing and delivery details, and then click "complete order". You can also use your Gift Card to make purchases at this stage.
Once you have clicked "complete order", if your order is successful, a thank you message will immediately be displayed on your screen confirming your order. Also displayed will be details of your order including quantities and your billing and shipping details. Thereafter, you will receive an email notification from our team confirming your order.
Your order will be unsuccessful if validation of the credit/ debit card details you provided failed. This would generally happen in a case where the card details you provided in our store checkout page do not match the card details held by your card provider. In this case, please check your payment details, ensure they are correct and try again, or simply select alternative payment methods allowable in our store. Our store relies heavily on Internet communications; any network issues may also lead to unresponsive web pages on both ends.

Cancelling your Order

You can cancel your order after placing your order but only prior to order dispatch. You will receive an email confirming details of this cancellation. If you would like to cancel after your order has been dispatched, your only option will be to make a Return of your purchases. To submit a Return, please contact us immediately @ or call us on +267 77 099 996/ 393 6604
Yes. Please refer to our Cancellation, Returns and Refunds page for more information on refunds @
Once our team has cancelled, amended and/or refunded your order, you will immediately received an email notification stating the order details that have been cancelled, changed and/or refunded. This will also show the total amount refunded. Card payments are refunded directly to the original card used to pay, while non-card payments are refunded via bank transfer. You can also get refunded in the form store credit. Please note we do not do cash refunds.

Delivery, Returns & Refunds

For standard FREE delivery in Gaborone, orders will be dispatched within 3 working days from the time the order was placed. We also offer faster delivery at additional cost. For areas outside Gaborone, Botswana, delivery may take longer. Please place order as normal selecting any non-card payment method and stating your correct delivery address. We will contact you within 12 hours from time of placing order with delivery estimates. You can also contact us @ or call us on +267 77 099 996/ 393 6604 for estimates. Please refer to our Delivery Policy @

Please allow delivery timeframes to lapse and contact us at or +267 77 099 996/ 393 6604 with your order details.
We are confident this should not happen, but in the case it does, please re-check your initial order confirmation notification for any mismatch with our delivery note and product code on packaging. If mismatch still apparent, please contact us immediately at or +267 77 099 996/ 393 6604. Please refer to Cancellation, Returns & Refunds policy @
Yes. You can return your purchases for FREE within 30 days from the date of delivery. Please ensure the product is returned in its original packaging; unopened, unused, and without damage. Please refer to Cancellation, Returns & Refunds policy @ for more information.
Please note conditions for Returns must be met in order to qualify for a refund. We offer a full refund equivalent to the amount you spent on the order you wish to return. You can also opt to use the refund amount as credit to buy other products in our web-store. For card payments, refunds will be made to the original card used to payment, and bank transfer will be used to refund non-card payments. Please note we do not do cash refunds. For more information, please refer to Cancellation, Returns & Refund Policy @
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