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Gingko Flip Click Clock Wood



SKU: G003A12

Colours/ Finishes
Ash Wood Effect
Black Wood Effect
Natural Bamboo Wood
Natural Cherry
Natural White Birch
Natural White Maple
Green LED/Natural Walnut
Red LED/Natural Walnut
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Flip Click Clock, it’s not an ordinary alarm clock. As the 2019 UK Gift of the Year award winning design and our current best-selling clock, the Flip Click Clock definitely stands out from the alarm clock crowds.

Incorporating our popular and classical sound activated LED clock system, laser engraved touch control buttons and the new flip alarm technology, the Flip Click Clock is designed to enhance your whole experience of day-to-day alarm clock use.

The technologies built into the Flip Click Clock change your normal way of using an alarm clock. When the Gingko logo shows on top it means the alarm is off and when the beautifully engraved alarm icon shows on top instead it means the alarm is turned on. With the same sound activated clock system as our other click clocks, the clock display automatically disappears when it’s quiet but still moves perfectly accurately every second. It lights up again when you give a gentle touch, clap, or click of your fingers.

The simplified display function is really easy to set up and simply shows you the time (12 or 24 hour format). 

How to set the time and alarm:

  • Simply touch the fine laser engraved buttons.
  • When the alarm goes off, gently ‘stroke’ any of these engraved buttons on top to snooze.
  • To turn off the alarm, simply flip it over and the display seamlessly flips too.
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